Your wedding day is the most special day of your life, and I know only too well that if you love your dog like we do (and this is our wedding cake on the picture, Lucy still took centre stage!) you want your dog to also have its special day. So we do just that, we make your dog our centre stage, and make sure it has an amazing experience. We offer bespoke wedding packages, one of our packages includes picking your dog up at an agreed time and taking it for a full day of fun and frolicking in the woods around Kielder. We keep your dog all day, then bring it back at bedtime, settle your dog in its own home and leave it to sleep off its walk! If you are expecting a late one, or are staying over in a hotel, we can also pop back in the morning to take your dog for an additional spin so you can sleep off the champagne guilt free (if you are anything like me you will need more than a few hours to recover from your special day, I mean it must be law right?). For further information on our bespoke service, please contact us and we can discuss your needs.